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Empowering Sustainability, Connecting Futures

At Climrenew, we offer consultancy services to companies, businesses, corporations, and NGOs, assisting them in reaching their ESG objectives. We provide customized assistance to aid them in achieving their Environmental, Social, and Governance goals. By linking our clients with clean tech solution providers, we aspire to cultivate a future where renewable energy drives our daily lives, sustainable agriculture sustains our Earth, waste is handled responsibly, and everyone plays a part in addressing climate change. We envision a future where businesses, NGOs, and corporations collaborate to establish enduring solutions, guaranteeing a more environmentally friendly and healthier world for future generations.

Empowering companies, businesses, NGOs, and corporations to embrace sustainability and combat climate change.

Is to build a planet where renewable energy lights up our cities, sustainable farming feeds our communities, waste is transformed into resources, and climate change is addressed through collective action.

Meet Sarah, the CEO of a medium-sized manufacturing company, determined to make her business more sustainable. However, she's unsure where to start or how to navigate the complex world of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. Enter Climrenew, a consultancy firm dedicated to guiding businesses like Sarah's toward a greener future. Sarah schedules a meeting with Climrenew's team to discuss her company's sustainability aspirations. During the consultation, they learn about Sarah's company values, operations, and areas for improvement. With Climrenew's personalized assistance, Sarah's company embarks on a journey to achieve its ESG objectives. They collaborate on implementing renewable energy solutions to power their manufacturing processes, reducing their carbon footprint. Climrenew connects Sarah with clean tech solution providers who offer energy-efficient machinery and solar panel installations. But Climrenew doesn't stop there. They also provide guidance on sustainable agriculture practices, helping Sarah source raw materials from eco-friendly suppliers. Through their expertise in waste management, Sarah's company adopts responsible disposal methods, minimizing environmental impact using Climrenew’s interagted approach. As Sarah's company progresses on its sustainability journey, Climrenew continues to support them every step of the way. They assist with obtaining green certifications and carbon credits, further positioning Sarah's company as a leader in the fight against climate change. With Climrenew's help, Sarah's vision for a more environmentally friendly business becomes a reality. Together, they contribute to a future where businesses, NGOs, and corporations collaborate to establish enduring solutions, ensuring a healthier planet for future generations.

At Climrenew, we offer eco-friendly consulting, green certification, climate resilience strategies, and carbon credit solutions to our clients, empowering them to effectively combat climate change.


Naphtali Akudung

CEO & Founder

Naphtali Akudung, is a social entrepreneur and a climate activist who specializes in the intersection of climate change and its impact on businesses, and social development. With a background in physics, he founded Climrenew, a social enterprise dedicated to consulting on climate-related issues while aiding businesses and organizations in achieving their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals.

Binkap S


Experienced In Full-Stack (Backend Heavy) Web Development With PHP (Laravel), Also Specialized In Building Sleek And Responsive Mobile And Desktop Applications Using Dart (Flutter). Focused On Creating Robust And Scalable Web Solutions.

Jacob Abaare


Jacob Abaare is a budding researcher, an emerging leader, and a sustainability advocate. He is passionate about making a meaningful impact in Africa through impact-driven research in renewable energy transition and climate action. Jacob has consulted and volunteered for several research groups and climate-focused organizations locally and internationally. Moreover, he is an alum of the Loop Lab Research Fellowship Program and a member of the Africa Circular Economy Network, Young African Leadership Initiative, and the African Renewable Energy Alliance. Furthermore, Jacob holds the title of LEED Green Associate, reinforcing his commitment to sustainable development

Nanbol Bolchang Abdullahi


Nanbol Bolchang Abdullahi is a highly skilled and multifaceted professional with a background in in physics. As a graduate of physics, Nanbol currently serves at the Nasdr Centre for Geodesy and Geodynamics, where he has honed his skills in using Leica Geosystems and RTKLIB. Beyond his technical expertise, NanBol is a tech enthusiast with a unique blend of product management, UI/UX design, and front-end development skills. He excels at bridging the gap between product vision, user experience, and technical expertise, crafting innovative solutions that delight users and drive business growth. With a passion for staying at the forefront of technological advancements, Nanbol continues to push boundaries and explore new ways to harness technology to drive innovation and progress. His dedication to his work and his ability to navigate complex technical and product challenges make him a valuable asset to any team.

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